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Davide Tarsitano is an author of horror and dystopian novels. He was born in Cosenza, a small town in southern Italy. Tarsitano has won the 2022 Book Fest Literary Contest for Best Horror Novel and The Reader's Favorite 2022 Award in the same category.
He currently lives in Indianapolis with his wife Shanea and his two dogs Lola and Ralph.

Published works:

The Tooth Fairy (2022)
Hollow (2023)

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credits IG: @kirrasuephotography



Pieces of My Career

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The world of Peter Hanson, emerging true crime writer, is about to fall apart. He is informed by the police that both his parents have been found dead in their bed. The case is quickly closed under the claims of natural causes, despite the doubts of Robert Cooper, the homicide investigator in charge of the case.
Peter goes through a challenging phase where grief mixes with strange manifestations and hideous nightmares to the point where he starts having doubts about his state of mind: the buzz of flies, the smell of rot and the excruciating laments of grieving souls.
Thanks to the support of Jack Sullivan, a former priest specialized in demonic exorcisms, Peter realizes that sanity and logic have very little to do with the events unfolding. A dark force is at play: an ancient and insatiable evil that feeds off negative human emotion is on the hunt for a new prey.

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Johnny Hawk is a successful entrepreneur in the tech field, escaping from his former life after an utter breakdown. During his trip across the country, his route crosses with Wendy Jag, a beautiful woman who works as a dentist in New Mexico.

As the attraction between the two lost souls escalates furiously, they engage in a passionate and daring physical affair. For the first time in a while Johnny finds some peace and hope for the future. 

But he cannot imagine that behind those innocent and deep eyes Wendy is a profoundly disturbed woman, tormented by the demons of her past: a childhood made of abuses, losses and nightmares filled with darkness. As Wendy’s feelings for Johnny grow stronger, the fight inside Wendy’s chaotic subconscious begins. 

The Tooth Fairy, a dormant and malevolent side of her personality is reawakening, silently awaiting…to take over.


"Horror with heart. Treat yourself to this gloriously balanced, memorable and terrifying head trip." 

Best Thrillers
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"An Enthralling Horror Novel of Broken Individuals and Relationships"

Independent Book Review

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